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Amos Ripple
Todd Hayden
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About Ripple Brothers Contractors, Inc.
Ripple Brothers Contractors is owned and operated by Amos Ripple and Todd Hayden and was established in Mechanicsville, MD in 1982. We strive to maintain a good reputation and to build quality homes.  We decided early in our careers that the way for us to maintain quality was to remain a small business, so that we could control the expertise of the workmanship and detail of our homes.  We have consistently maintained a crew of four to five men.  We do all of our own framing.  We prefer  to build with 2" x 6" studs, 24" on center with 5 ply fir plywood sheathing.  This is a strong wall with maximum insulation (R19), and together with the plywood sheathing, creates a straight wall.  We do our own shingles, siding, and interior trim.  We are very particular about the quality of our work.   Our subcontractors are usually small companies that have the same crew on each job so that we can trust them to do the level of work that we expect. 
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